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Don’t struggle through your painting project wishing you had hired a professional half-way through.  Let Generations Professional Coatings complete your project in a timely manner providing you with clean lines and durable coating.  No more paint on the edge of your ceiling or jagged lines on your accent walls.


How much is your time worth to you?  An exterior paint project could drag on an cost you the weekends all spring and summer. Keep your free time and let Generations complete the project for you.    Generations will assess the condition of your house and perform the necessary steps to ensure the finish will last as long as possible.  Whether it is pressure washing, scraping, sanding, priming or caulking, Generations will cut no corners in the process.  GPC is experience in all types of exteriors including a variety of sidings (old, new, metal, wood and maintenance free), logs, etc.  Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.  Protect that investment with GPC.


PC specializes in decks of all sizes and shapes.  With its vast experience, Generations can make your old deck look new again and keep your new deck looking good for years to come.  Part of maintaining your deck is knowing the correct product to use on the deck as well as the prep work needed on the deck prior to staining.  Generations will assist you in choosing what will make your deck look its best.  Because decks require attention every few years, GPC can put you on a schedule and notify you when your deck may need attention (just one less thing for you to worry about).




If you want the benefits of a fiberglass door, but also prefer the beauty of wood, then staining your fiberglass door might be the option.  Factory finishes can look cheap and may not last.  Using a variety of colors and base coats, Generations can match existing trim colors or create your own custom door.




If you don’t think that water damage, stress crack, or hole in the wall will ever look the same again, you’re wrong.  Generations does a variety of drywall work to restore your walls and ceilings to new condition.  Generations specializes in those patches that might seem impossible to blend in.  Generations takes every precaution to keep the dusty and messy business of drywall under control.  Using HEPA filtered vacuum sanders and plastic barriers; we will try to keep the dust to a minimum and away from where it does not belong.  Ask us about the process to get rid of those ugly popcorn ceiling textures.




Any type of wood, any stain or paint color, GPC can make your wood trim or doors the focal point of the room.  Don’t settle for rough un-resilient finishes on your trim or doors.  GPC has the ability to apply laquor and water-based finishes to keep your woodwork looking beautiful.

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